Partnering for Veterans’ Healthcare

FFVHC has been sharing information and ideas with the Texas Vets Care for Health Care group, which is made up of VA stakeholders and state and local representatives of VSOs in Texas.

The group, which shares the mission of FFVHC, has held meetings with Congressional representatives and outlined their opposition to proposals to defund or dismantle the VHA. The group has given out 3000 FFVHC style brochures at the Dallas VA Medical Center and is also distributing FFVHC’s I Love My VA bumper-stickers and recording videos about the excellent care the VHA delivers.

Charlynn Johns, founding President of Battle-Buddy Info and advisor to VA stakeholders believes that, “Our efforts are invigorated and energized by combining resources and truth on messaging.” In the spirit of the Alamo, Johns says “We are together in the fight!”

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