My VA: Veterans’ Stories

At Fighting for Veterans’ Healthcare (FFVHC), we’re committed to doing what the national news media and political pundits on both sides of the aisle rarely do: raise up the voices of real veterans. Typically, we only hear from the political extremes. Through pictures, video, and words, the stories we post reflect the feelings of the vast majority of American veterans: that the Veterans’ Health Administration is high-quality healthcare and a system worth saving.

When needed, we’ve taken steps to preserve the privacy of these veterans, but are grateful to every veteran who has shared their story with us and their fellow citizens. We have also corrected typos and reformatted for easy reading.


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Veteran Testimonial Index

Giving Back – by Samuel Jay Keyser
Looking Forward to the Future – by Christian Leichman
I Hope It Never Comes to That – by Diane Reppun
I’d Be Dead – by Joshua Wilder Oakley
Many Needs, One Location – by Holly
One Family, Two Experiences – by Bob Rowen

Healthcare Provider Testimonial Index

Fill the Positions – by Megan Spence
Meaningful Work that Improves Veteran Quality of Life – by Anja Bircher
Like Getting Accepted to an Ivy League School – by Hanna Klempner
Uncertainty and Doubt – submitted Anonymously
My Hidden VA List – by Dena E. Rifkin