My VA Story – Holly

Marine Partner:

I am the partner of a Vet who served proudly in the Marines from 1961-1964. He suffers from service connected injuries, including foot, leg and back issues which require physical therapy and major surgery, and a variety of other conditions including high blood pressure, damaged eyesight, chronic pain, recurring sinus infections, mobility issues and past substance abuse issues.  As a result, he is seeing his GP, a neurologist, a vascular surgeon, radiology, physical therapist, pain management, optometrist, and pharmacist.  He needs new glasses and special shoes every year, and additional canes and walkers as his mobility decreases.  All of his medical issues are beautifully and timely handled at the Loma Linda facility in San Bernardino, and frequently several concerns can be handled on the same day.  Because we are older and not wealthy, it means so much to us that we can travel to one place to take care of multiple issues and that we can speak to doctors and staff who understand my veteran’s experience.  We hope we do not start getting farmed out to doctors and facilities all over Southern California.  Thank you.