Looking Forward

Name: Christian Leicham
Branch: Army
VA Medical Center: N/A
Location: N/A

In 2013, I was medically retired from the United States Army for injuries related to my time in combat.

As a medical retiree, my health care was transferred to the VA once my active duty ended. Before I left active duty, I was depressed, anxiety ridden and frightened about my future. I had heard stories about long waits, inadequate care, and an indifferent attitude by VA employees. As soon as I was a civilian again, I set up an intake appointment with the VA.

Expectations vs. Reality

Two weeks later I was introduced to my medical team and was assigned a doctor and nurse. They were professional and caring. It was a wonderful first experience with the system. When I had an issue, I could message my team and usually receive a response the same day.

All of my care providers are very professional and seem to genuinely care about my well being. I have never had a negative experience with VA Healthcare, never had an extraordinarily long wait to get an appointment, and never been treated in a less than professional manner.

They have always been available to help me and I don’t think I could receive the same level of care, for my particular condition, anywhere else. Without my care from the VA, I wouldn’t be where I am today; enjoying my new family, gainfully employed and looking forward to the future.


Christian Leicham
1st Lieutenant
U.S. Army